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What is RJ Children’s Haven?

RJ Children’s Haven (RJCH), an Immune Recovery Child Care Center, supports the body, mind and spirit healing of children with cancer and life-threatening conditions. The first of its kind in the nation, RJCH offers a safe environment for child care, therapies, socialization, education, and support for children who are immunocompromised and their families.

RJCH is inspired by Rachel and Jason. Rachel is a young woman who was treated for pediatric cancer and survived. Jason was a passionate nurse who used his gifts to heal children with cancer but lost his life too soon.

Across this nation, children who are immunocompromised are grouped together and attend hematology/oncology clinics every day. RJCH will mirror this model for success and employ the same care standards.

Why is RJCH Important?

Cancer Care Annual Reports from the local pediatric hospital show more than 200 new patients are added to their cancer registry annually. Cancer, genetic disorders, transplants, inflammatory disease, radiation and certain drugs weaken children’s immune systems and can place them at short-term risk for infection.

When a child’s immune system is suppressed, he or she cannot attend school, day care or activities in the community without risk of infection. Children can spend formative months and years in isolation at home.

As a priority, RJCH wants to help all children dealing with loneliness and depression that can occur because of their diagnosis and isolation. The children of RJCH can support each other because their journeys are similar.

Parents often must give up a job (sometimes the source of health insurance) to stay home with their child and attend multiple appointments and treatments. RJCH can help parents return to work or take care of other family members knowing their child is being cared for in a safe and supportive environment.

Funding & Insurance Coverage

RJCH has applied for and received several small grants. Continued outreach and grant submission to local and national healthcare funders and private foundations is planned and underway.

Partial to full insurance reimbursement will cover therapies and many of RJCH’s services. Additionally, families will cover some costs with private pay subject to their ability.

Grants and donations will support program development, operating costs and unmet costs of care for children.